SASKIA VAN EYK (1944-1998)
Saskia was born in Rotterdam, Holland during the “Hunger Winter” of 1944. After the war, the family (comprising eight children) emigrated to Canada. In her teens, she worked for the prestigious Hudson’s Bay Company as a catwalk model for fur coats. In early 1963, she became pregnant with her son (Paul Van Eyk), but left work when her pregnancy started to show. After Paul’s birth, she became an air hostess with Canadian Pacific Air, often leaving her small child with her mother (Omoe). When Paul was eight, they moved back to Holland and settled near Amsterdam. It was in a bar that she met Vlad, eloping with him a few months later. Their son Rudi was born soon after. The success of Vlad’s car-wash business, coupled with the signing of the Benelux distribution rights for Moser Crystal, saw the family enjoy a lavish life-style. After the Velvet Revolution in the Czech Republic (in which Vlad regained some of his family’s lost fortune), she divided her time between Amsterdam and Prague. In the late 1990s, she contracted lung cancer and passed away in 1998.


BRIAN DEMAINE (1943-1992)
Brian was born in 1943 in Quebec, Canada. He grew up in Montreal, and in the early ‘60s, he began a relationship with Saskia Van Eyk. When she became pregnant with Paul in 1963, he proposed to her, but she declined. He later married another woman to whom he had two sons. Meanwhile, he began teaching English at McGill University while indulging his passion of painting. Although raising his other two sons, he had no contact with his first born, Paul. And when, at the age of 19, Paul contacted him out of the blue in 1982, he reluctantly agreed to a meeting. Never comfortable with his paternal role, he consistently introduced his son as a “friend from Holland”, even denying Paul the opportunity to meet his grandmother and cousins. He later married his French girlfriend Nicole, although had no more children. He died at his Westmount home in Montreal of a heart attack in 1992.