Nikki was born in March 1956 at Crown Street Hospital in Sydney and immediately given up for adoption. She spent eight months at Scarba orphanage in Bondi before being adopted by Holocaust survivors, Dory and Egon Stern.

Always knowing that she was adopted, she’d been told that her birth mother died in childbirth. Nevertheless, her childhood in Melbourne was happy, filled with her parents’ diverse friends, and their desire to give her a strong cultural education. (Dory Stern had been the musical director of the Bodenwieser Ballet and had toured the world and Egon Stern was a senior avionics engineer in Who’s Who, leading the team that designed Interscan, the Microwave Landing System).

Nikki was always an excellent student and after completing her early years at Chatham Primary School, attended the exclusive girls’ school, MLC until 1973. She went on to complete a Science degree at Monash University (majoring in psychology and zoology) and a post graduate diploma in educational psychology. A change in career saw her enrolling in an art and design course in 1978 (majoring in glass studies). On completion of this degree, Nikki worked at Adelaide’s Jam Factory Craft Centre, housing a unique hot glass studio. She contributed to many group exhibitions, having her work critically acclaimed.

It was in 1983 that Nikki set out for Europe where she would meet and marry Paul Van Eyk. And where her incredible journey (and the subject of her book) that saw her become Australia’s leading porn star, would begin.